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We work at a high level within governmental insurance pools and insurance-related entities, for the boards of directors or CEOs, where we can be the most effective at helping them meet their fiduciary responsibilities. Because we understand operations from “all sides of the table,” we tailor an adept team of veteran insurance professionals to the specific needs of each organization we serve. We are high-energy investigators, strategic thinkers, and straightforward communicators who ask tough questions and return with jargon-free reports. Our proven approach provides our clients with on-target innovative results.

Boards of Directors

Board members are usually very busy people, often with full time jobs. Our first step is to listen to them and identify what causes them to stay awake at night. We seek to understand concerns and goals. We go into their organization and act as their eyes and ears. We dig deep, investigate every angle and return with valuable information, presented in terms the board understands so that they can confidently make decisions.

Executive Management

We take on strategic and high priority projects stacked on the desks or circling in the minds of busy CEOs that otherwise might not get done. We step in as the CEO’s right hand person, making sure that great opportunities do not become lost opportunities. Because we operate outside of the internal politics of an organization, we are free to move forward and get things done. We help set priorities and get everyone on the same page by motivating staff and vendors. We are never afraid to present the unvarnished truth so that CEOs have the honest information they need to make the best decisions.


  • Insurance regulators
  • Underwriters of Lloyd’s syndicates
  • Law firms
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