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Candid. Passionate. Fun. Results-driven. Direct. Change makers. Consensus builders.

We question, analyze, and dig deep to find the best solutions for you. We passionately believe that educated people make the best decisions and we make it our job to make sure you understand all elements of these financial instruments and what value they bring to you.

Pamela Collins has a visionary spirit and determination that creates a work environment appealing to professionals who are innovative, technically gifted and driven. Each client has unique needs and characteristics, and we are dedicated to making every engagement a success. Our consultants bring decades of experience in insurance and alternative risk transfer to our projects. Our track record of success is based on our business model of creating expert teams of people with diverse backgrounds. That’s why our teams get things done and catapult you to the next level.

We partner with you to ensure that you own the process and are empowered to move forward when our work is complete.

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